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Wallace Rahming

A Shout Out To All My Worldwide Brothers & Sisters In Christ! 

Hello to all my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior! So glad that you took time to check out my website. I've just entered a new season of cutting some things loose that are hindering me from being the best that I can be and regaining some things I've lost along the way. Jesus will always give us a second chance. I'm getting close to the completion of the next CD and it's been a journey. I've gone retro for this project because I been very reflective lately........... Just saying. God, Family, Ministry - The Correct Order For Spiritual Balance. Conviction has brought me to the realization that I must always keep the main thing "the main thing."

 It's mid-summer and no time to be lazy. There is much to be done. I been cleaning my bedroom closet and it's been a three-day endeavor. The inside of the car is next on the list. After a trip to Georgia and Alabama last week, I have to shampoo the rugs and "Febreez" the seats ( to love them). I pray that you are having a great summer so far. And remember: Don't let the small things get you down.  

At 3ram, we love all of you who visit this page regularly (and occasionally). Thank you for your kind words and support. Some of the kind words you leave on this page just might end up in one of the songs on the next project (smile). May you be awesomely blessed as you observe and obey God's Word more each day. "Blessings be upon you always." Psalm 20:5"

Yours In Christ,

Wallace Rahming